The history of Getk is rich and quite remarkable. People who are famous in the republic were born and educated here. They are academician A.Talalyan, professor V.Aghuzumtyan, genaral–major   A.Harutyunyan. The school was funded in 1974 in a small hut  having a class only with  six pupils in. The first educators were comrade Tadevos and Khachatour. After the earthquake of 1926 the village was ruined, the church and the school either. Later the school was transformed into a wooden building acquiring a number of pupils after which it got the qualification of second degree. The undergraduates had to continue their education in the adjacent village. That was the school of Achurik.

In 1960 Gohar Aghayekyan was pointed the head of the school who worked occupying that position till 1995 and she is a teacher up to days. The number of pupils was 100 then. The school had rich traditions  which passed from generation to generation and is still in progress.

During the years of G. Aghayekyan  the school was one of the leading educational centers in Achuryan Marz  due to its highly developed methods of teaching and the wide and firm basis.

In 1986 a double-decked building was built with all conveniences for higher education. In 1988,the earthquake interrupted the activity of the school being in its living development , The new-builded apartment was ruined, all the furniture was broken. But the horrible earthquake  with its all hardly gained causes could not destroy the activity of the school. It continued in the contemporary houses with the worst conditions.

In 1998 Gagik Sechposyan was pointed the head of the school.

In 1999 the school became a secondary one. Now in ten forms of the school 120 pupils are involved.

In 1999 by the efforts of the head of community Hovik Mchitaryan the rebuilding of the school was arranged.

In December of 2000 the presentation of the school was held.

The school has 14 classrooms, a lab, a sport-hall, and a separate boiler.

In 2001 the school exported its first graduates. There were 15 pupils all of them, the 8 of them  succeeded and became students of Higher Educational Institutes, 6 of them entered Pedagogical and Technical colleges.

In July of 2001 the school was named after the general  A.Harutyunyan who was the graduant  of the school. A. Harutyunyan is a famous  soldier, a participant in Afghan and kharabach fights for which he was honoured greately. The school is on the center of his constant  and permanent attention.

In 2001 by the support and conduct  of the headmaster Gagik Sekhposyan  the school participated in the contest  “Connection 2002” organized by Project Harmony and was accepted as a winner with the prize of Internet Computer Center (ICC).

In 2001 the school was involved in STP organized by Armenian Caritas.

In the March of 2001 the presentation of the huge canteen took place  which was… and furnished  by the above mentioned organization.

In the November of 2002  the rebuilding of the boiler was over  which was realized by Armenian Caritas.

In the September of 2002 the Internet Computer Center was opened in the hosting school which is